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Tips for Hiring a Home Window Replacement Contractor


Window replacement/installation contractors can hot only enhance your home's appearance, but also improve its efficiency as well as security. Though replacing windows isn't so difficult, incorrect installation can lead to a myriad of problems, including the loss of energy efficiency. The installation warranty for your windows may also become void. For these reasons, it is important that your hire a professional installer. But finding the right company/contractor for the job can turn out to be a challenge if you haven't dealt with one before. Here are a few tips to help you find the right window replacement company:


Research your window options in advance


To be able to hire the right contractor, you will need to decide, ahead of time, which windows would best suit your house. A large number of window installation contractors specialize in a specific type of window, so before you can find the right person, you'll need to choose your windows first. If you want energy-efficient windows, for instance, you go for either a fiberglass window or a PVC. Deciding on what you want before speaking to a contractor ensures you're better prepared with the right questions to ask your contractor. Watch for more info about windows.


Get a minimum of three bids


You will want to obtain at least three bids from different Window Coverings contractors so you can compare offers. These bids should do for than just pointing out prices--ideally, the contractor should also specify the products and materials they plan to use. The start and completion dates should also be included. Always keep in mind the the more detailed the bid, the better. Having details can help prevent misunderstandings later, as both parties will be clear on what's included and what's not.

Regarding payment terms, it's not advisable to pay the full amount upfront, regardless of the discount you're getting. A good bid shouldn't ask for more that 20 - 30 percent to  get the job started.


Verify references


It's always a good idea to talk to references so you can hear first-hand accounts of the Window Coverings contractor's previous customers. Ask to see photos of jobs they've handled that are similar to yours. You may be able to find these photos on the contractor's website. Also find out how long the contractor has been in business. A business that's been around for at least five years is probably has all the expertise and experience needed to provide you with a satisfactory window installation service.